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GOA 2012


Two lone warriors face off against the zombie hordeThe aftermath of the "march to salvation"...lots of TRULY dead zombiesColonial Marine looking at an AMX-30 (barrel showing) infront of an MV-2218 foot board



Guns of August 2012

Table was 6 x 18 with an additional 4 x 4 x 3 5 level underground facility arranged in a helix, Surface was desert themed.

Allied teams were dispatched to locate and recover secret tech stolen by middle eastern nation state. In nation state is a hidden facility where the work on the tech is being conducted.

Upon arrival teams encountered stiff local resistence from terrorist organizations that were providing exterior security for the facility. As troops closed on the gates, interior security force (using Shock Troop miniatures) engaged teams, wounding 3 members and killing 1. Engaged team was unable to kill guards do to position and armor. USMC sniper team with .50cal Barett dispatched guards and gate was breached.

Recon team encountered zombies pouring out of underground facility as they approached.

In the town the CIA team had located the informant who knew where the scientist with the entry information was. The SEAL team did a take-down on the site but discovered two Shock Troops inside the building providing security. The SEAL dog was killed, and two SEALS were seriously wounded before the Doctor was secured.

The teams made their way down the axis of advance, slaughtering hundreds of zombies. However, one of the teams allowed a group to get too close and were converted themselves. This gave the zombies an assualt force of their own (no weapons, but a higher class and body armor) . The zombie player had only been moving the zombies at 1/2 speed all day so he rushed the remaining combat teams and overran another firing position converting one more to their cause. The remaining troops took armored HUMMERS and retreated through the horde to safer postions.

A team of colonial marines cleared the LZ and an MV-22 landed. It deposited two purpose built zombie killers (25mm Scale Battletech Clan Elementals; with flame throwers) to clear a path to the entrance of the facility. The time expired before the teams could enter the facility.

A great time was had by all!